Is this service right for me?

Homeplans is for Builders, Architects, Designers, Developers who either have existing designs or have prepared new designs and are looking for building and approval documentation. To keep the service low cost we need to keep focus on the building plans. We can support your existing drafting staff or provide a dedicated service for you.

Lets face it, hiring staff is getting more and more expensive, not just wages but equipment, office space, upgrades then add on superannuation and administration fees…. then what happens when someone leaves or perhaps your workload is up and down. By working with us we can provide on call staff to work on your projects when and if you need them.

If you need design or have a complex project then please talk to our designers at Neo Building Design.

I’m a builder/developer, what are the benefits?

As a builder or developer you would have signed the client on a particular design, now its time to get the construction plans done ASAP!  Homeplans can provide fast turnaround of documentation usually 1-3 days. Our plans are clear and easy to read and quality is controlled by our senior staff, most with 10 years plus experience.

I have a standard range of plans I offer my clients, how can I use them?

If you are a builder or developer and you have a standard plan range then there is no point paying high costs to reproduce these plans each time they are needed. We can create a master plan then reuse this plan as needed on new sites. If you already have a master plan in Revit or Archicad we can use those to produce the new projects at a low cost.

I’m a designer / Architect what are the benefits?

As a designer or architect your skill is best used ‘designing’. By using us we can compliment your design with the construction drawings and free up your time to deal with clients or create more opportunities. We aim to be your partner and help you build your business.

What type of projects do you work on?

We provide a low cost service for single level or 2 level homes, townhouses or duplexes. Projects with multiple levels, over 2 or split levels, aren’t suitable for a low cost service. In the future we may offer renovation and apartment documentation.

 How is payment made?

Payment is made through an online payment facility of your choice such as Paypal or similar, we will add more services as we need to but by providing and online payment facility it means there is near instant confirmation, processing and completion of your project. There are also built in safeguards in place to give you more confidence that your money is safe in the unlikely situation where we don’t deliver as promised.

What happens if the plans need changes?

If there are client changes then additional costs may be added, if they are minor (to be reviewed by each case) then we may not charge you at all but do these as part of the original fee. If during the approval process there are RFI’s or requirements needed by the certifier/council we will do those changes without cost if they are part of the requested services. Otherwise a fixed fee will be agreed to before commencing the work.

How do i get started?

We like to keep the process and simple as possible and efficient. If you are a new client then you can create an account via the Log In page. Then you are ready to add projects. Select the services you need, check the online price and your order is added. The first project will require some information so we can provide plans to suit you so there is a simple check-box form to complete then upload any cad files, hand sketches etc we will confirm all the information is completed and send you a confirmation and approximate schedule for completion

How are the plans delivered?

We will let you know when your plans are ready via email or instant message. You can then log in and collect the files. We will provide a PDF document as well as 2D CAD files for engineering and setout or a 3D DXF file. Presentation Images will be in JPEG format