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Home Plans is a collaboration between Neo Building Design and Entong International and was created to offer a low cost service for builders who need professional building plans created from their own designs or who wish to use our designs. We draw on our 20 years plus Australian, New Zealand and International project experience to provide clear concise documentation to suit building approvals and construction. Our staff are experienced and trained in local building codes, specifically the NCC and Australian/NZ Standards. Timber framing and bracing is our specialty, we can provide bracing and framing documentation if needed. Plans can be branded in your company logos and presented in a way you prefer. All plans are drawn in Revit 3D BIM software or Autocad if preferred.

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We are here to provide you with a simple easy to use service for your project. Simply create a quote or order online, upload your files and we will complete the plans in the shortest possible time frame. Your plans are then available for download anytime.

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Get a quote online, then once you have selected the services you need upload the required documents and we will confirm that we have enough informtaion to proceed

Building Plans

Professional documentation for plans for single or multilevel homes and townhouses. Plans are suitable for approvals but you can add more options if you need to


Professional images animations and walk throughs of internal or external areas of your project are avaliable. 2D or 3D color floor or site plans suitable for marketing or investor presentations


We have a network of consultants such as engineers, surveyors, Town Planners, Energy assessors tha are avaliable to you as our client


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