New Home Plans

New home plans are created from your design and converted into a 3D Model to produce the construction and approval drawings. By creating a 3D model we are able to reduce errors and create efficient documentation, therefore giving you piece of mind when building.

A Plan set will generally include:-

  • Site plan – we will need a CAD survey from you or you can organize it through one of our preferred suppliers
  • Floor Plans – dimensioned, labeled floor plans from your design. No design? No problems, designs can be created or you can purchase one of our standard designs from our Designer Range
  • Elevations of each building face showing materials, roof pitches, topography (from survey)
  • Sections through the building, normally 1-2 are required
  • Slab Layouts
  • Electrical Layouts
  • details as needed to suit your location and requirements


All plans are completed to Australian and New Zealand Standards and compliant with Building codes. As we aren’t providing the design its up to you to make sure it is compliant with Covenants, local codes etc. Once that’s done we can take it from there.

 A simple easy way to create your new home building plans!